Why Possums Are Harmful And What You Can Do About Them?

Possums often invade homes and offices if they find ample food supply. These pests are mischievous and can impact everyone living on a property. But, these pests can’t be killed. No matter how problematic they are, you can’t kill them with baits and poisonous sprays. Possums are protected species and under Wildlife Act 1975, it is illegal to exterminate these pests. There are several laws related to these pests. This is why you should hire licensed possum removal Preston specialists. Professional service saves you from the following negative effects that possums have on human lives:

  • 1. Possums Carry Diseases

    The possums are quick and nocturnal creatures. They run all across a house or workplace and transmit various diseases like tuberculosis, leptospirosis and spotted fever. These pests may not bite or inject venom into humans. But, they carry different parasites on their body. The ticks and other diseases-causing germs spread on a property because of possums. Not only humans, but household pets also get diseases because of the parasites carried by the possums.

  • 2. Legal Complication

    The Australian government has set some rules and regulations related to possum removal. Catching and removing live possums without taking training and a license are considered illegal. You might end up in trouble by handling possums on your own. So, keep a distance from possums and seek help from the right people.

  • 3. Property Destruction

    If you have pets like birds, cats or dogs, then you should worry about possum infestation. You would notice the sudden disappearance of pet food because of possums. These pests attack the food of your pets and even become aggressive in self-defence.

What Can You Do About It?

If you have already seen live possums near you, immediately ask possum removal Preston experts to catch and relocate the pests. Only licensed and certified professionals can take away the possums from your property.

At Same Day Pest Control Preston we have a team that you can hire to get rid of possums. Our professionals would inspect the property and use relevant tools to catch the possums safely. We would relocate them to the right place. Our experts would suggest ways to prevent possum infestation in future.

Possum infestation could be harmful to health and property. But, you don’t have to tolerate these pests. You could hire us by booking our service. You can either call us or send a message via the contact form. We would be there at your office or home for possum removal.