What Attracts Wasps to Your Home?

Do you often find wasp nests in your yard? Do wasps keep coming back to your home even after pest control? The reason is the negligence you show towards wasp prevention. The impact of pesticides and chemicals sprayed by wasp control Preston experts can keep the wasps away from your house for one or two years. After that, the wasp will come back. You need to take some serious action in order to restrict the entry of wasps on your property. First, you need to recognise the things that you are ignoring for many days. Next, eliminate these factors and see how easy it becomes for you to prevent wasps.

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  • 1. Adequate Water Sources

    If there is a pool, fountain or leaking taps in the yard, there are chances that wasps come to these spots. Wasps have mandible and they consume water from different water sources. To get rid of wasps, keep your yard as dry as possible.

  • 2. Growing Colourful and Sweet Flower Plants

    Some plants such as marigolds, water figwort, yarrow and wild carrot are sweet and attractive. Wasps can discover them from a distance and come near them. You need to ensure the removal of such colourful flowers from your garden to repel wasps.

  • 3. Food Left in Trash Bin and Yard

    Outdoor parties and filled trash bins are loved by wasps. Meat scraps, sugary cans, fruits and many other things could be found by the wasps in the yard and trash bins. If you don’t want wasps to become a problem for you, simply remove all the food particles from the yard. You need to empty the garbage bins daily to eliminate the chances of wasp infestation.

  • 4. Pheromone Scent

    A pheromone is a chemical secreted by a wasp’s body. The smell of this chemical helps the wasps in tracing the path and interact with each other. If the smell of this chemical remains near the nests or around the trees for a long time, the wasps would come back. So, it is important to clean the nesting sites properly after the wasp control treatment.

  • 5. Scope of Making Nests

    In many buildings, wasps find it easy to make nests. Holes, voids, chimneys, attics, roofs, trees, walls and many other surfaces are available for wasps to construct nests. Different species of wasps make different kinds of nests such as paper wasp nests, mud daubers nests, southern Yellowjacket nests, and bald-faced hornet nests. If your home gives easy access to wasps, they would surely make their nests.

    Always keep a check on every corner of your house. If you find one or two wasps trying to create a nest, destroy them as soon as possible. You can use homemade traps for treating a mild infestation. But, you need to seek help from experts if the infestation is severe.


Wasps are dangerous creatures because their sting is painful. The allergic reaction could also be deadly. You can protect yourself by paying attention to the factors listed above. These factors encourage the wasps to invade a property. Same Day Pest Control Preston is a leading provider of wasp control Preston service. If you have any wasp-related issues, feel free to book our service.