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Same Day Pest Control Preston has been providing quality pest control services in Preston for over 25 years. They have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who use the latest and most effective methods to get rid of pests.




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Hire Us for Reliable and Quick Pest Control Services

Are you worried because of pest infestation in your house or office? There is no need to put up with nasty pests. You can choose the pest control services offered by Same Day Pest Control Preston. Our company believes in assuring 100% client satisfaction by eliminating different kinds of pests on the same day.

No matter where you live in Preston, we would reach your home at the exact time. We are punctual, hardworking and helpful. If you have any queries, you can seek help from our experts. They have several years of experience and know the dos and don’ts of pest control. Booking can be done on any day of the week. We are accessible on weekends and public holidays.

Why is Pest Infestation Risky?

Some pests like spiders, ants, silverfish, wasps and birds are found in or around all kinds of residential or commercial buildings. Once they enter a house, they start creating various kinds of problems. Their removal should be considered urgent because they can negatively affect health. Have a look at the risks associated with pests in detail:

  • Pests such as spiders, wasps and ants are known for their stings and bites. The allergic reaction to the stings is painful. The bitten or stung area becomes red, swollen and itchy.
  • Various diseases such as Psittacosis, Tularemia, LCMV and Hantavirus are spread because of pests.
  • Pests cause major damage to personal belongings like clothes, furniture, papers, plastics, wires, etc.
  • The parasites carried by the pests also increase health problems.
  • Mental peace gets affected because of pest infestation.
Pest Control  Preston Services

Same Day Pest Control Preston provides a fantastic range of pest control Preston services. Our company always hires experienced and trained pest controllers that can control severe pest infestations with ease. If you want to prevent the negative consequences of pest infestation, then you can rely on our services.

Our Pest Control Services Includes

Ant Control Preston

Ant Control

Flea Control Preston

Flea Control

Bedbugs Control Preston

Bedbugs Control

Possum Control Preston

Possum Control

Borer Control Preston

Borer Control

Rodent Control Preston

Rodent Control

Cockroach Control Port Melbourne

Cockroach Control

Silverfish Control Preston

Silverfish Control

Spider Control Preston

Spider Control

Dead Animal Removal Preston

Dead Animal Removal

Wasp Removal Preston

Wasp Control

End Of Lease Pest Control Preston

End of Lease Pest Control

Benefits of hiring pest control Preston professionals!

When it comes to getting rid of pests at your home or place of business, there are numerous benefits to employing a professional pest control company. Choosing competent professional assistance over do-it-yourself techniques has a number of advantages, including the following:

  • you hire a professional pest management service, you can be sure that the entire process will be completed with the utmost safety and effectiveness. Professional experts have the skills and knowledge to handle any pest problem.
  • Professional pest controllers use a comprehensive approach and begin with an in-depth inspection of the area rather than immediately beginning the extermination process.
  • Professionals are already trained in handling harmful pests. They can destroy nests without hurting themselves.
  • Instead of directly killing the pests, professional experts determine the source of the problem and solve it from its roots so that there is no recurring pest infestation for a long period of time


Local Experts

Local Experts

24*7 Support

24/7 Appointments

Same Day Appointment

Same Day Appointments

High Quality Standard

High Quality Standard

Services We Offer

Same Day Pest Control Preston is proud to have a team that works 365 days a year to serve multiple clients. Our team provides various effective solutions that are safe for household pets, kids and allergy sufferers too. Here is a list of services that we offer in Preston:

Ant Control Preston

Do you see ant trails in your home? Don’t let the ants contaminate your food or bite you. Hire us and we would the advanced strategies to control ants in your home or office. You would notice a sudden decrease in ant number soon after the treatment. Within 2-3 days, they would be completely gone.

Bedbugs Control Preston

Moist and cosy objects like sofas, mattresses and cushions are breeding places for bed bugs. They live in warm places and suck blood from the human body. In our bed bug control service, we remove these pests with the help of pesticides, heating treatment and cold treatment.

Borer Control Preston

Same Day Pest Control Preston offers a trustworthy borer control service. Borers are destructive insects. They chew wood and timber. They ruin expensive furniture and increase the population rapidly. By booking our service, you can protect wooden structures from further damage.

Cockroach Control Preston

Contamination of food, thetransmission of various diseases and harm to mental health are done by cockroaches. These pests survive in moist areas. You can find their eggs in different corners as well. Cockroach control service offered by our company would be beneficial in removing these pests.

Flea Control Preston

Do you have a cat or dog? If yes, then be careful about the presence of fleas in the house. These insects suck blood from your pet’s body and cause allergies and infections. In the flea control treatment, we only use approved and organic insecticide spray.

Possum Control Preston

Possums might be mischievous but they can’t be killed. According to the government, they are protected. The experts can only catch the living possums and relocate them. Our possum removal service is preferred by many people. You can also choose our service to make the property possum-free.

Rodent Control Preston

Rats and mice are dangerous creatures. They can bite humans and almost every possible object. These pests are quick and can’t be caught easily. The rodent control team catches all the rodents from all the corners of the property. They use rodenticides to kill the rodents.

Silverfish Control Preston

Silverfish are tiny and silver-coloured pests that chew the fabrics like wool and silk. They lay eggs on clothes, blankets, etc. These pests must be removed at the correct time because they can spread allergies. The silverfish control service offered by our company would help you in keeping the fabrics safe.

Spider Control Preston

If spiders crawl over your clothes and food, then you should book the spider control service. The experts would destroy the webs and kill the spiders and eggs. This service not only protects your health but also maintains the aesthetic value of your house.

Wasp Control Preston

It is not safe to have wasp nests around the house. If you have already noticed some signs of wasp infestation, contact us quickly. Our wasp control team would reach your home within a few to eliminate the wasps. The pesticides used by our team would not be harmful to your health.

End of Lease Pest Control Preston

To make your shifting process smooth and leave a hygienic environment for the next tenant, you can book our end of lease pest control service. Our team would use effective products to exterminate the pests.

Dead Animal Removal Preston

When animals die on a property, they become troublesome for the owners. The air becomes impure because of germs and odours released from the dead body. We have a team of dead animal removal specialists that uses proper ways to remove the carcasses.

Pest Control Procedure Followed by Us

Pest control is a difficult task because tiny pests hide inside minute cracks and lay eggs too. It is hard to recognise or kill them without taking the training. Trained pest controllers at Same Day Pest Control Preston follow a set procedure while eradicating the pests. The stages of our process are as follows:

Inspection of Property

When a client books the service, our team visits the property to check the severity of the infestation. Area and structure of the property, pest types and many other details are noted in this step.

Customised Plan

Different types of control methods are used for different kinds of pests. Based on the type of pest, our team makes a plan. Treatment type, products, estimated time duration and many other things are included in the plan.

Pest Extermination

Here comes the main part where our team actually exterminates the pests. Pesticides, insect growth regulators, electronic devices and many other ways are utilised to remove or control pests. Apart from killing the pests, our professionals relocate some pests like birds, possums and bees. Lastly, we keep baits and leave them to show impact on pests.

Post-Treatment Assessment

Our team pays a follow-up visit to the client’s place to check the position of pest infestation. They make sure that all the pests are eliminated completely from the property.

How to Choose the Right Pest Control Preston Company?

Choosing a reliable and efficient pest control company in Preston can be a challenging task. However, with the below pointers, you can make a wise decision. Look for these factors before you finalise a company.

Check for Certification and Licensing

Primarily, look whether the company is certified and has all the legal documents.  Before employing a company, check their website to see if they are properly insured, licenced, and bonded. Examine their insurance coverage to see if you are covered in the event that an employee is hurt while on your property.

Read Reviews and Ratings

The internet is another option for learning more about local business cleaning services. For credible businesses, there should be a wealth of favourable client testimonials available. You should also visit the websites of the companies you are considering. You can frequently discover both client testimonials and information for new customers.

Inquire about their Cleaning Methods

What kind of cleaning methods do they use? There are numerous equipment and cleaning methods for upholstery. Usually, the type of a possible service provider can be established by taking a quick look at their website. If they don't have a website, that could be a warning sign. If you can't find what you're looking for on the website, get in touch with the company. Your question should be answered directly and honestly by the owner or agent.

Request for a Quote

Finally, you should ask for prices from each company you are considering. Understanding and clarifying your company's requirements will be helpful in this situation.

It's essential to be able to express your wants so that a professional cleaning service can collaborate with you to develop a cleaning schedule that satisfies your requirements. You will undoubtedly get the best estimate if you do this. Feel free to move on if a quote falls short of your expectations. A crucial step in selecting the best cleaning service for your company is selecting one that meets your budget.

Best Pest Control Services for Residential Places in Preston

To keep your loved ones safe from diseases spread by rodents, cockroaches and birds, you should rely on professional pest control services. Our team provides the best services for residential places. Our experts know about modern pest management strategies. They do inspections and suggest prevention measures too. To hire our pest control Preston specialists for residences, you can call us.

The pros of DIY pest control

Cost effective and cheap -

DIY methods for pest control in Preston may be much cheaper and cost effective as you do not need to pay money for any extra services such as inspection, monitoring, etc.

You know what products you are using -

In this process, you can choose which products you want to use and what you want to avoid. You can find out the safest and best products from the market after due research and use only the products that you want.

You know which areas have been treated -

Since you are using the products to tackle the problems yourself, you will know exactly which areas you have administered the products on and which areas have been treated.

Your safety is in your hands -

You can control the amount of products used and how it is used. You can carefully administer the pesticides and insecticides while keeping in mind the safety of your family and pets.

The cons of DIY pest control –

Less effective -

Due to a lack of expertise and experience in pest extermination, do-it-yourself pest control solutions are typically less effective than professional services. The size and kind of the infestation may be determined by pest control professionals in Preston, who can then customise their techniques to be as successful as possible.

May result in higher costs -

While DIY approaches may initially seem less expensive than using professional services, they may end up costing more in the long run if a pest infestation returns.

Possibilities for health risks –

The majority of pest control solutions and ingredients are toxic and potentially harmful. As a result, if used improperly and without sufficient understanding and instructions, it could endanger the safety of your family, particularly your children and pets.

Worsen the issue -

Without the right training and experience, you could make mistakes that lead to you spreading the infestation and creating more disruption than necessary, rather than getting rid of the pest infestation.

Temporary fixes -

DIY remedies are frequently just temporary and short-lived since they do not address the fundamental causes of the issue; instead, they only address the symptoms. In the future, bug infestations might return as a result of this.

Do-it-yourself Pest Control

In the initial stages of pest infestation, many people opt for the DIY methods of pest control. DIY or do-it-yourself pest control is a process where you try to control the pests without the help or services of professional pest control. While there are many advantages of this method, there are also a number of disadvantages that must be kept in mind before taking on the issue on your own.

Why Choose Us for Pest Control Preston in Melbourne?

Experience and proficiency

We have years of experience and expertise in the field of pest control. We have a team of professionals who can handle any form of pest infestation on your property.


As a reputable pest control company, we are fully stocked with all the instruments and machinery essential for pest management. Additionally, our staff effectively employs cutting-edge technologies to eradicate various pests.

Environmentally friendly and secure cleaning methods:

Customer safety comes first at Same Day Pest Control Preston. As a result, we exclusively utilise environmentally friendly materials that don't hurt the environment or the locals.

Affordable Pricing:

The cost of our pest control is reasonable. For every type of pest infestation, you can get pest treatment at reasonable prices. Additionally, our experts can offer you a quote without charge or obligation.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

We work hard to provide high-quality services that support this company objective. You may be confident that your property will become pest-free quickly with our efficient pest control methods.

Flexible Scheduling

Our team of professionals is available every day of the week, 24 hours a day. You can make a reservation with us whenever it is most convenient for you.

Outstanding Customer Service

We provide post-pest control inspection to determine whether the pests have returned and take appropriate measures. We work hard to provide our customers with stress-free, comfortable service.Same Day Pest Control Preston can help you with affordable yet guaranteed solutions to eliminate pests from your property. We have skilled and competent staff who are available to assist you at any time of the day. If you would like to book an appointment or know more about our pest control Preston services, give us a call right away!

Reliable Pest Control Treatments for Commercial Places

With over 20 years of experience, Same Day Pest Control Preston has been serving many commercial clients. Pests such as spiders, ants, rats and birds not only harm the property but spread diseases. For large areas and multi-storied buildings, it can be difficult for the owners to maintain pest-free environment. The owners can reach out to us and book pest control service for their commercial properties.

Same Day or Emergency Pest Control Service Booking

For people looking for urgent pest control service, our company gives the benefit of same day booking. You can call us on any day and get pest control done within a few hours. We reach every corner of the city and ensure that no client is dissatisfied with our work. The treatments are completely safe. Our emergency pest control Preston treatment can be booked online. To schedule the booking, you can get in touch with us.

Affordable Pest Control Solutions in Preston

Same Day Pest Control Preston is the topmost choice for people when it comes to pest control services. Our company keeps the pricing in an affordable range. Our quotation is also prepared on basis of some valid factors. We don’t believe in adding hidden charges. Both commercial and residential property owners can book pest control services at economical prices. To book the service, you can contact us today!

Some Simple Tips to Prevent Pests

When pests get an ample food supply and suitable weather conditions, they enter the homes and offices repeatedly. This recurrence of pest infestation on a property can be controlled by following the prevention tips:

  1. A highly experienced and reputable companyYou can block or seal the entry points. Holes and cracks in windows and doors should be covered.
  2. Always store food items in sealed containers.
  3. Keep the house clean.
  4. Avoid cluttering objects like newspapers and clothes.
  5. Don’t leave unwashed utensils in the kitchen.
  6. Use dehumidifiers to control humidity at home.
  7. Always keep a check on nests or shelters made by pests.
  8. Keep the garden clean and trimmed.


The frequency of hiring specialists depends on multiple factors like weather, pest types, health condition, etc. Generally, people book these services at least once a year.

Biological methods, mechanical removal methods, chemical methods and electronic methods are used to control different kinds of pests.

Pesticides containing harsh chemicals do have side effects. But, our team makes use of organic, hypoallergenic and odourless products that do not have side effects.

Yes, pest control services are worth the money that you spend on them. The experts protect you from the negative consequences of pest infestation. You can prevent health hazards and property damage by booking pest control services.

Yes, you can contact us and book the treatment for commercial places such as offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, etc.

Yes, Same Day Pest Control Preston uses only eco-friendly pest control solutions that are better for the well-being of our customers and the environment. Rest assured when you choose us because we put the safety of our customers first.

You can control pests in your house with DIY options and some lifestyle changes. However, if the situation goes out of control and you can only see pest population increasing, you must reach out to a professional who can help you get away with the pests.

Experts suggest doing pest control at least twice a year for effective results.

You can avoid pests returning after treatment by regularly following hygienic habits such as avoiding eating elsewhere apart from dining areas, covering trash cans, avoiding foot traffic immediately, allowing sufficient ventilation and drying time after treatment and performing regular pest control.

You can find a reliable pest controller by searching them online or by asking your friend/colleagues and reading their reviews on different online platforms.


If you’re not happy enough to recommend us to your friends, let us know and we’ll send a team out to make it right.



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