How to Prevent Rat Infestation in a House?

Do you find chew marks on food packages? Do you often find rats running in your kitchen? These signs indicate that rat infestation is present on your property and you must take some measures to control the rats. The rat control Preston service offered by Same Day Pest Control Preston could be helpful in getting rid of rats. Along with professional service, you must follow some rat prevention methods. If you are facing property damage and health problems because of rat infestation, then you have a look at these excellent tips to prevent rats:

rat control Preston
  • 1. Remove Food Sources

    The aroma of food attracts rats in the kitchen. You could prevent rat infestation by removing the food sources. Store the food packages in air-tight boxes so that rats can’t access them. Make sure that the trash bin is cleaned and emptied regularly because rats can find their meal in the bin. Next, you have to take care of the garden as well. Don’t grow fruit trees in your home, if you want to eliminate rats.

  • 2. Maintain Cleanliness

    If you have newspapers piled up in the storeroom and food particles sprinkled on the floor, then you have given an invitation to the rat infestation. It is necessary to keep everything in an organised manner. An untidy house could be a hub for many kinds of rats. When people neglect house cleaning for a long time, they become vulnerable to many diseases like Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Tularemia, and Salmonella.

  • 3. Use Traps and Baits

    In order to prevent pest infestation from becoming severe, you need to install traps and bait stations in your house. Once you find one or two rats in the house, try to catch them with help of traps. If you fail to do so, the rats would increase in number. Snap traps are considered perfect for rat control. As bait, you can choose many food items like peanut butter, fruits and berries.

  • 4. Block Entry Points

    The gaps and holes in the doors, walls, and windows are enough for rats. These pests can squeeze their body and enter a house easily. You need to seal up your home to prevent rat infestation.

  • 5. Use Natural Rat Repellents

    The smell of a few things naturally repels rats. Eucalyptus oil, chilli powder, peppermint oil and citronella are some strong-scented items that are hated by rats. It is a cheap and effective way of preventing rats.

  • 5. Hire Professionals at the Right Time

    Rat infestation is a serious threat to humans. That’s why you should hire rat control Preston experts immediately after spotting some signs like rat urine smell, rat dander, nesting material, noises, etc. Professionals use safe products and advanced tools to catch, control and remove rats.


Rats can damage your personal belongings and health to a great extent. It is essential to prevent them and control them at an initial stage. You can follow the tips given above and book our rat control service to keep your house rat-free.